Your Reputation is More Important than You Think

ReputationIt’s important that you maintain an upstanding reputation in your community. Sure, that seems obvious, but a lot of car dealers are so busy conducting business on a day-to-day basis, they don’t have time to worry about such things. But today’s blog is being posted so that dealers everywhere will pause long enough to realize that this really is a big deal that demands their attention.

As you know, the people in your community are your potential customers. Each time you advertise, your reputation is on the line – so you want to make sure the message you put out there is viewed by the receivers in a positive light.

Is the Problem Your Reputation?

If your dealership’s numbers are not where you think they should be, you should put yourself in the shoes of the people in your community. Ask yourself the following: Are they not doing business with you because they don’t know who you are; or are they not doing business with you because they do know who you are? Put differently, are you not advertising enough … or are you not advertising the right way?

If you decided to go out and ask 100 random people in your community to give you their thoughts on your dealership and its reputation, what do you suppose they would say? Further, do you think their answers would be the correct perception? If you have concerns about your dealership’s reputation – for whatever reason – it’s important that you seek out ways to address these issues as soon as humanly possible.

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