What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

ResolutionToday’s blog focuses on what your dealership’s New Year’s Resolution should entail. It’s easy to say “we want to sell more new cars, more pre-owned cars and have major upticks in sales in our parts and service departments.” But saying it and making your resolution a reality aren’t the same.


To get there, you need to be different … you can’t be one of those “me too” dealerships. You know the ones we’re referring to; the people who do something just because the dealership down the street does it … or maybe their buddy in their 20 Group does it. But no matter why they do it, they can’t really quantify whether or not it actually works.


When you advertise, be it radio, TV, Internet, print or whatever … it should always be done with a goal in mind. Then when each month ends, you should have the ability to determine the success or failure of your strategies.


JKR: Making Resolutions Reality

Only the most skilled automotive advertising agencies can help you with this. In recent blogs, we’ve discussed the advantages of skilled media buyers and the all-important industry software they use to help dealers make beneficial, informed decisions. These are the people you want on your side going into 2016 … people just like us at JKR Automotive Advertising.


Free Advertising Review

Statistics show that about nine out of every 10 New Year’s Resolutions fail. That’s because people often set unrealistic goals and fall prey to “false hope syndrome” that only leaves you disappointed. But with JKR, we have everything our clients need to realize never-before-seen sales numbers. Just ask our 120-plus clients; they’ll vouch for us!


To find out more about how JKR can help you have an effective, well-balanced advertising strategy, give us a call today at (321) 397-0777 and ask for Eric Tigner. He’ll send you a completely free, no-strings-attached Advertising Review that’ll show you a great deal about your dealership – and some eye-opening stats about your competitors, too!


On behalf of everyone at JKR Advertising, we wish you Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with success and prosperity; and may your resolution come true!


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