Why ROA Isn’t Enough for Auto Dealers

roaIf you’re not aware of the term “ROA”, there’s a good chance you might hear it someday from an advertising executive. If you do, you should ask them a few questions about their goals.


Some advertising agencies firmly believe they have done their job well if they deliver their client’s message to the agreed-upon media source of choice – and the message gets noticed. In reality, however, that is only half the battle. They must also send that message in such a way that it makes prospective customers want to buy a car from that client!


Because today’s advertising world is different from the one a decade or so ago, some folks in the profession have taken their eyes off what’s really important. What do we mean? Borrowing from the ROI (Return on Investment) acronym, they’ve actually created the term we mentioned earlier called ROA, or Return on Attention. In short, it asks the question, “Do potential customers react to your advertising by opening your e-mails, clicking on the links to your ads, or remembering your radio and TV commercials?” If these things happen, the ROA is said to be high, which for many agencies is cause for celebration.


But here’s why this isn’t a complete success: Return on Attention by itself doesn’t make the cash registers ring! While it is a good start to the process, it merely means that someone was interested enough to take the first of several steps required in the purchase of a car. Think about all the advertisements you see each day that interest you – and how few of them actually make you want to go out and buy their products or services – and you’ll understand.


Trust us on this one; you can have tons of read e-mails and Internet clicks … and people can love your ads, but if these things do not persuade the intended audience to actually buy cars, the auto dealer will not be pleased with his or her bottom line. ROA by itself isn’t enough!


We Go Well Beyond ROA

JKR is well-known for its memorable advertisements, but we don’t stop there. One of the reasons our clients succeed in their own markets is because we remind them of this one key element: Don’t ever let the need for entertaining your customers override what you’re trying to do with your advertising; specifically, earning the business of the audience! To find out more, call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777. For your efforts, he’ll send you a no-strings-attached, FREE Advertising Review. We’ll closely examine what you (and your competition) are doing, and then provide you with our expert feedback. Call today!


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