Rolling Stone: Radio Still Matters … a LOT

In a recent article found on Rolling Stone‘s Website entitled “Rap’s New Generation Took Over, Rock Ruled the Road and Radio Still Mattered”, the iconic publication discussed many of the current music trends of 2018.


In the section discussing radio, it says the following: 228.5 million Americans still turn on a radio each week, far more than the 68.5 million who use streaming audio, and 49 percent of respondents to a listener survey said they found new music on the radio, easily outpacing the 27 percent who found music through “online music services.”


For car dealers, this means radio is just as it’s always been … a cost-effective way to reach people of all ages with your dealership’s message. If you’d like to know more about how your dealership can benefit from automotive radio advertising, give Jenny Gray a call today at (225) 603-5915.


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