Send the Same Message Across All Channels

Whether it’s traditional or online media, the same message builds frequency and familiarity. The more they hear it, the more likely they are to remember it. In addition, the same message across the board avoids confusion in the marketplace – and confusion would be the last thing you’d want! After all, you already have plenty of competition for customers; why make your job that much harder by muddling your own waters?


Sending a consistent, useful and relevant message to your potential clients, not only builds familiarity, it also builds trust. Over time, your community will begin to remember you for the consistent message you choose … which is exactly what you need when it’s time for these folks to go car shopping. Where there is trust, more sales follow, as well as more word-of-mouth referrals to others.


Think about the companies in your area that have had the same company logo, tagline and appearance for a number of years – automotive or otherwise – and the positive impact the same message month after month, year after year has upon their companies. You can bet that each time the people in your community see your automotive advertising consistency in action, they’ll get the feeling they know exactly what to expect from your particular brand and business.  


The Same Message Pays Dividends

Adapting your own dealership’s message across multiple media channels (radio, television, print, online) may seem like a challenge, but if you have the help of an automotive advertising agency like JKR Advertising & Marketing, it can be seamlessly done.


When the potential customers in your community see your advertisements in various places – then go to your dealership Website, is the message consistent enough for them to quickly identify your store with everything they’ve seen? If you can’t say yes to this, we invite you to give us a call at (321) 397-0777 and ask for Eric Tigner.


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