Service Affects Your Business Even More than You Think

serviceAs an automobile dealer, the level of service you give your customers makes all the difference in the world. You probably think, “Well, duh, of course it does”! But today’s blog is being posted to remind you that it is even more important than the obvious reasons everyone knows to be true. If you don’t give great service to your customers, you stand an equally great chance to:


(1)    Lose customers you have now. If a customer does not feel taken care of, he/she will quite often take their business elsewhere. It’s that simple.


(2)    Lose future customers. Think about all the times you’ve received poor service from a business – and each time, you couldn’t wait to go tell someone else. The recipients of this message now have a negative view of your dealership without even setting foot in it.


(3)    Lose employees. Bad service equates to unhappy customers. Unhappy customers complain to employees. Employees get tired of listening to unhappy customers. It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t have to happen at all.


(4)    Lose your good reputation in your community. Once people begin hearing negative things about a business – auto dealership or otherwise – it simply becomes more difficult for that company to attract and retain customers.


(5)    Lose market share. Car shoppers are looking for some simple things; a good product at a good price, with good service before, during and after the sale. If you don’t provide these things, they’ll go somewhere else – and it could be the guy in the neighboring town that sells the exact same products as you.


On the flipside, giving great service gives you a positive outcome on each of these five points. You’ll gain more traffic (and therefore more customers), you’ll maintain your well-earned reputation in the community; and as a result, your market share should skyrocket.


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