The Silent Majority Rules

Silent MajorityYou must satisfy the silent majority! After you count the 5% of people who will be your strongest advocates no matter what, and the 5% you just can’t satisfy regardless of what you do, what’s left is the silent majority of 90%. The first 10% are the most vocal; typically, these people go online and post their comments, positive or negative. While you certainly want to say “thank you” to your biggest supporters and quickly address the concerns of the unhappy crowd, what about those other 90 percent who, in most cases, don’t reveal their feelings online?


Believe this … even if they aren’t posting their comments online, the silent majority is commenting! They’re simply using ways to communicate that aren’t track-able via social media, using vehicles such as text messages, e-mail, private messaging, and even good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations.

Don’t Ignore the Silent Majority!

Here’s the point: A car dealer should not make the mistake of only paying attention to the more vocal 10% of his audience. Why? There are many, many more people out there who are similarly passionate about your dealership; they just don’t post their feelings online, for whatever reason. The “quiet” silent majority are not quiet at all, so whatever you do, don’t think they’re apathetic or irrelevant to your dealership. Oftentimes, the vocal 10% doesn’t represent the opinion of the silent majority.


You can’t know exactly how large your overall online audience may be, or know who they are. Until technology comes along that gives you this info, you should never subscribe to the “no-news-is-good-news” theory and just assume they’re happy and satisfied.


It’s of utmost importance that you and your staff should be on your toes … every minute of every day, just as we talked about in yesterday’s blog about the Mystery Shopper. You simply never know when your biggest advocate (or potential detractor) will walk in – and you may not ever be made aware they set foot in your store. But you can bet they’ll be telling their friends and loved ones about their visit.


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