Nielsen’s Six Rs Show Why Radio Ads Work

six-rsNielsen says radio is a very valuable part of any business’s media mix – including automobile dealers – and it has published a list of six Rs – along with research – to validate their statement. Brad Kelly, the Audio Managing Director at Nielsen, put the list together to illustrate that “for advertisers, radio presents a huge opportunity to connect with consumers.” Read his list, and we believe you’ll be in agreement.


  1. Remind: Radio’s Recency Delivers. Here, he points out that radio is the closest medium to the point of purchase.
  2. Register: Radio is a Powerful Digital and Purchaser Driver. Kelly cites studies that show radio drives large numbers of consumers to an advertiser’s online properties.
  3. Reinforce: Radio Elevates the Media Plan. When combined with other forms of media, Kelly shows that radio is a powerful tool that significantly elevates the effectiveness of the entire media buy.
  4. Relate: Branding Spots and Celebrity Power. A study showed celebrity-voiced advertisements more effectively increased resonance and engagement – although, as we mentioned in a recent blog, engagement isn’t enough; ads also have to be persuasive enough to make people buy cars!
  5. Reach: AM/FM Radio Connects with 93% of American Adults Weekly. The precision of radio cannot be understated. No matter what segment you attempt to contact, you have access to almost everyone in it!
  6. Return: Radio Advertising Positively Impacts Bottom Line Sales. Looking for a high return on your investment? Kelly says you need look no further than radio!


JKR Uses the Six Rs … and Then Some!

Despite radio being the “oldest form of electronic media”, it’s still among the most effective – especially when it comes to local clients, which is right in the wheelhouse of an automobile dealer! After all, people buy from companies they know about and trust … and radio is the perfect way to let the folks in your market get to know you.


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