Make Them Smile and They’ll Remember You

Everyone likes to smile. For this reason, humorous advertisements are quite often the most recognized – and most remembered – advertisements of them all. This type of ad typically works especially well on radio or television.


We at JKR believe ads that make people smile – or even laugh out loud – certainly help create awareness and attention for our clients. Research shows they aid name recognition, and they resonate well with young, educated business professionals.


That said, we also know that there are certain circumstances where a humorous approach might not fit, due to corporate image, the surrounding area of a dealership or any number of other things.


Additionally, there are also some other things to remember: when you attempt to be funny but fail, you now have a commercial that is memorable – for all the wrong reasons. An advertiser should also be careful about where the humor is being used. The same advertisement that may be hilarious on TV might fall flat on radio because it needs the visual element to be successful. But we say that with the following caveat: radio is oftentimes a fantastic place for humor, because the “theater of the mind” is a very powerful thing.


In the automotive world, many dealers don’t embrace the idea of a humorous advertisement, believing that theirs is serious business and is nothing to smile about. Others are afraid of offending the audience by trying – and failing – to be funny.


But dealers need not worry about these things with JKR Automotive Advertising in their corner. We have our finger firmly on the pulse of current events and pop culture, and we produce the very best in smile-inducing commercials every month without fail for our clients. Even better, we always make sure the prospective customers who come in contact with your ads know exactly who and what the spots are advertising – your products and your dealership! In the case of JKR, LOL stands for “lots of leads”.


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