Picking the Stellar Employee from the List of Applicants

The perfect employeeEvery stellar employee has a list of attributes. They are the ones you look for when you’re conducting the hiring process, and the qualities you develop once they become part of your team. After that, it’s up to you to be a good employer and keep them from taking their talents someplace else.


Your ultimate goal should be to have one of these stellar employees in each position at your dealership. Just imagine what it would be like to manage a group like that, and what your customers would say about your store and its personnel! You would be the envy of every dealership in your market.


When you’re in the middle of the job interview, it’s very important that you let potential hires know of your expectations. Many bosses know a good employee when they see one but would have a difficult time verbalizing what they want. But when you are able to let a prospective new person know exactly what qualities you desire, they have a better chance of being successful.


Stellar Employee Qualities

They are honest and trustworthy.

They display leadership qualities and are willing to be a mentor for others.

They are ready and willing to help others.

They are always seeking ways to make themselves or the dealership better.

They are self-motivated enough to do their job without supervision.

They do not gossip; they are able to keep confidential information to themselves.

They never say, “That’s not part of my job.”

They are accountable for everything they do.

They confidently handle transitions to new things and/or environments.

They react positively to criticism and helpful advice.

They are ambitions, but not arrogant.

They have a team-first mentality.

They are loyal through good times and bad.

They can adapt to any kind of work environment.

They are good problem solvers.

They are patient and helpful when dealing with customers and coworkers.

They respect everyone.

They are punctual and reliable.

They can multitask.


If you don’t already have your own list, take this one and tweak it until you have it just the way you like.  Then, as you go through the interview process, it will be easier to see which prospects have the best chance of meeting your standards.


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