Stop the Madness. Don’t Let the Numbers Lie to You!

Stop the MadnessIt’s time to stop the madness! In honor of the annual March college basketball tournament that is just around the corner, we offer today’s blog. We start with this statement: Whoever coined the phrase The Numbers Don’t Lie was obviously not an advertising or marketing major in college. How do we know? Because, quite frankly, sometimes the numbers do lie. Or maybe we should say that the numbers can tell you a lie, unless you have all the necessary data. Allow us to explain using a basketball analogy.

A basketball game is played between two teams, the Wildcats and the Knights. The game is played, and afterwards you are looking at the box score … without knowing the final score of the contest. You immediately notice that the Wildcats made 25 baskets, while the Knights made just 20. Your first inclination is to think the Wildcats surely won the game.

But not so fast! When you add the information that all 30 of the Wildcats’ baskets were two-pointers, but 12 of the Knights’ baskets were three-point shots, it changes everything! This information now gives you a clearer picture of what actually happened.

You simply can’t keep the real score of the game unless you have all the numbers, and a full explanation of the statistics!

Having all the data at your fingertips is the only way to stop the madness in automotive advertising. The only way this can be accomplished is through retaining a highly skilled automotive advertising agency like JKR Automotive Advertising. Our media buyers have the media software and the experience to take all the guesswork out of an advertising campaign – and the ability to stop the madness of wasted advertising dollars that so many dealers unnecessarily spend.

How to Stop the Madness

Want a clearer picture of your store’s media efforts, so can find out the real score? Call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 today, and learn how we can reconcile your statement, so to speak.

By the way … our apologies to any “Wildcat” fans out there.

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