Four Successful Advertising Elements

Successful Advertising ElementsFor an advertisement to work, it must have all the successful advertising elements working together in concert. When you match the right message … with the right people … with the right objective, you stand a pretty good chance that your advertising campaign will be a winner. What are these successful advertising elements?

First, it must be enticing enough to make the customer want to come to your dealership. If you know what your prospective customers want, tell them your dealership can give them what they’re seeking!

Next, you must be able to know and identify your target audience. We did an entire blog on this recently, which can be referenced here. Knowing exactly who’s going to see your advertisements is vital as you plan your strategy.

Third, the message itself has to be different enough to be remembered. There is certainly more than one way to make this happen … but it must happen. After all, your potential customers are exposed to advertising all day long – so they need to remember yours. Again, this is why knowing your target audience is so important; you can tailor your advertising accordingly.

Fourth, the reach and frequency must be sufficient for an advertisement to truly be effective. We’ve talked about this topic before, too, in other blogs including the one you can access here. Getting the most people you can to see your messages is great, but that isn’t the only element involved. What do we mean? Think about it … it’s very rare when a person sees an advertisement one time, jumps in the car and buys an item. It typically takes multiple exposures to your message before you can expect any kind of response.

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