Successful Selling: By the People; For the People

Successful SellingTo ensure successful selling, you certainly need to advertise. When you consistently keep your dealership’s message in front of consumers in your community, it keeps your store top-of-mind. Today, however, we focus on another facet of a dealership.


The quality (or lack thereof) of your staff goes a long way toward the success or failure of each of your dealership’s departments. When a dealer creates a place that stands out among the many automotive choices in your market, you have something special – and it all starts with your people.


Keys to Successful Selling

First, successful selling begins with off-the-charts customer service. Sounds simple enough, but when you read on, you’ll realize it’s much easier said than done! According to statistics in this article, the level of service a customer receives is the determining factor in the trust level they have with a company. Now combine that with this statistic: only seven percent of people believe that today’s companies are going out of their way to provide exceptional service. Just imagine the kind of difference it could make if your dealership was one of those few seven percent!


So, how do you provide exemplary service? By creating an upbeat working environment. It’s the simple trickle-down effect. Happy employees are 12% more effective at their jobs, according to a Talent Culture study. Increased effectiveness means more happy customers – which, in turn, drives up the overall dealership bottom line.


When you have the right people and a great working environment, all that’s left is ensuring that your customers leave knowing they received excellent value for their money. This, of course, can be demonstrated in a number of places, such as during the initial purchase of a vehicle; at your parts and/or service departments; and any follow-up contacts.


So if your dealership isn’t making a real priority of getting the best people in place to ensure successful selling, it’s time to start – right now!


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