Suntrup Pulls A Hat Trick In Missouri

Suntrup Kia Automotive

In the greatest tradition of the state motto, the Suntrup organization showed just about everybody this past month. According to Craig Suntrup, The stars aligned over the past month to bring the four brands Hyundai, Kia, VW & Nissan together as the top-performing franchises in the state and all under one organization.

As the auto industry recovers from 2 difficult years, Suntrup never withdrew from the market as others had, said Richard Brauns, partner at JKR Advertising, Suntrup’s agency of record. While others are just getting their footing back, Suntrup is in stride with a good solid kick to the pace, they never let up he added.

Owner Craig Suntrup cannot credit the team enough, Everyone at Suntrup is dedicated, thorough, and takes each and every customer to heart as if members of their own families. Without the great people at Suntrup, we’d be just another car dealer.