Suntrup Sales Soar in St. Louis

Suntrup SalesSuntrup sales are soaring! This longtime St. Louis-based JKR client is experiencing a year for the record books in every store; and with each of its four automotive brands. “The number of milestones the Suntrup group has eclipsed in 2015 has been monumental,” said Richard Brauns, Senior Partner at JKR and Account Executive for the Suntrup account.


We provide details on just a few achievements in today’s blog, citing these October 2015 vs. October 2014 year-over-year numbers.


∙ Suntrup operates two Kia stores, South County and West County. South County was the No. 1 regional dealer in sales for October – and better still, they were the No. 1 Kia dealer in the entire country in CPO sales. Meanwhile, West County placed third in the region in sales, and finished in the top 10% of CPO sales nationwide.


∙ Suntrup operates two Hyundai stores, South County and Wentzville. While the St. Louis metro was up 42% year-over-year in October, South County was up 78%, and Wentzville was up 50%.


∙ Suntrup Volkswagen finished No. 1 in both new-car sales and CPO in the St. Louis metro region.


∙ Suntrup Nissan is among the top Nissan dealers in the St. Louis region in both new and CPO sales.


Suntrup Sales Solid All Year

You might say, these are great numbers, but they’re just one month. We respond to that with the following statistics that show excellent year-to-date growth for every Suntrup store that is a JKR client. Suntrup sales are soaring everywhere you look.


∙ While Kia sales are up 4% nationally year-to-date, Suntrup Kia South County sales are up 13%, while Suntrup Kia West County is up 34%.


∙ Suntrup Hyundai South County is No. 1 in Hyundai new-car sales in the St. Louis metro region in 2015.


∙ While Volkswagen sales are down 2.1% nationally year-to-date, Suntrup Volkswagen sales are up 23%.


∙ While Nissan sales are up 5.2% nationally year-to-date, Suntrup Nissan sales are up 33%.


∙ As a whole, Suntrup’s used-car sales are up 17.5% year-to-date when compared to 2014.


∙ Suntrup is the No. 1 CPO dealer in the St. Louis region for all four of its franchises; Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Nissan.


∙ As a whole, St. Louis metro-area new car year-to-date sales rose 4.8%, while Suntrup’s sales were up 12.5% in the same time frame.

How to Get the Best of Everything

What do you get when you cross an expertly run automotive dealership group with an equally great automotive advertising agency? You get chart-topping numbers, much like the Suntrup group. You can achieve record numbers for your dealership, too, without giving away the proverbial farm to make it happen.


JKR can help you get results … quickly and consistently. We have the experience, software and know-how to get big numbers for dealerships of any size, in any market. Most advertising agencies make you promises, but how many of them can show you real, tangible results like this? Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to find out more.


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