Suntrup Success in August is Unprecedented

Suntrup SuccessThe Suntrup success in August was unprecedented. The St. Louis-based Suntrup Automotive Group posted the best numbers in the organization’s history during August, selling a total of 1,010 combined vehicles in all their stores.

According to JKR Partner and Suntrup Account Executive Richard Brauns, the Suntrup success is attributed to the combination of customer care and sending a consistent message. “When you stay the course, it pays big dividends over time,” Brauns said. “Some dealers make the mistake of blindly following the crowd, and they get lost in the shuffle and ultimately, it is costly for them. The Suntrup Auto Group has done a tremendous job of not only adjusting with the changing times, but still staying true to their intrusive media strategy, which is presented on their terms.” 

Suntrup Success By the Numbers

Taking a closer look at the Suntrup success in August, the Nissan/Volkswagen stores sold a combined 199 new vehicles; 57 Certified Pre-Owned vehicles; and 84 used vehicles.

The two Suntrup Hyundai stores sold a combined 165 new vehicles; 32 Certified Pre-Owned vehicles; and 148 used vehicles.

Meanwhile, the two Suntrup Kia stores moved a combined 178 new vehicles; 35 Certified Pre-Owned vehicles; and 112 used vehicles.

As an aggregate, the stores sold 542 new vehicles, 124 Certified Pre-Owned vehicles; and 344 used vehicles. That is quite an accomplishment for them, and we at JKR congratulate them on a job well-done.

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