Super Bowl XLVIII TV Advertising SOLD OUT!

Super Bowl TV AdvertisingFox Sports executive vice president Neil Mulcahy revealed that Super Bowl TV advertising is sold out, with automotive advertisers Audi, GM, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia and Volkswagen leading the way.

This year, interest in Super Bowl TV commercials was stronger than usual, with all available spots sold shortly after Thanksgiving. 

Super Bowl TV Advertising: An Automotive Bonanza

Super Bowl Sunday is the single-most important day in the advertising calendar, with viewers as interested in the commercials as much as the game itself. It’s no wonder the average 30-second spot fetches over $4 million, an increase of $200k from last year.

Celebs Rule the Day in Super Bowl TV Advertising

Like most years, celebrities will be prominent in automotive TV advertising. For example, Laurence Fishburne, star of The Matrix science-fiction classic, pops up in an advertisement for the all-new Kia K900 luxury sedan. In a humorous twist on Morpheus, his Matrix character, Fishburne gives a married couple a choice of the red or blue pills as he offered to Neo in the movie classic. “Super Bowl viewers with preconceived notions of who I am may change their minds,” says Fishburne. Some experts also predict a return engagement for the Kia hamsters, who have been highly effective pitch-rodents for the Kia Soul.

The TV advertising world is anticipating Jaguar’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Featuring Jaguar’s new F-Type sports coupe, their spot will poke fun at the stereotype pitting most British actors as villains. In a prepared statement Jaguar said, “”villains disrupt the status quo and challenge the establishment, while living one step ahead of, and better than, the pack.” The ad will highlight the hashtag #GoodToBeBad.

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai makes its seventh Super Bowl appearance with a pair of 30-second spots. In a departure from their usual advertisements, Hyundai will use three yet-to-be-named celebrities in their ads.

Will 2014’s Super Bowl TV advertising be as good as those of recent years? Our guess is an enthusiastic yes, because every year they keep getting better. So while you’re going to the refrigerator for more food and drink, hurry back because you might miss something awesome!