You Need a Thorough Knowledge of Your Target Audience

Target AudienceIn advertising, a target audience is a group of people identified as the intended recipient of an advertisement or message. In an automotive advertising campaign, identifying and understanding your target audience of consumers is absolutely crucial. Without knowing who these people are, you cannot realistically expect maximum success as you market yourself and your dealership to your community.

Determining your target audience these days does take some research. Today’s marketplace has become so differentiated if you proceed with a “general” approach it won’t get the job done very effectively.

Determining the Target Audience

So how do you go about determining your target audience? You might not be able to do that by yourself; you may need the help of a skilled advertising agency like JKR Automotive Advertising. Here’s a clue, though … ask yourself these questions that will help you determine your target audience and see if you know the answers: What is the average age of a potential buyer at your dealership? Education level? Household income? Gender? Their needs and lifestyles?

Here’s the best part: Once you know your target audience and its habits, you can then produce a message that appeals directly to their emotions, needs and wants. You can take all the factors mentioned above into consideration – age, demographic and economic, social and so forth – and cater your message specifically to them, knowing full well the recipients will be the exact people who should be receiving this message.

The Final Analysis

Why is this so important? When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. These are extreme examples, but they make our point here: A Lincoln dealer wouldn’t want to advertise his store on the local hip-hop radio station; and you probably won’t hear a hard-hitting Chevrolet Corvette commercial on the local National Public Radio affiliate anytime soon. These examples are pretty obvious, but an automotive advertising agency like JKR can help you drill down even deeper to ensure that the message reaches its intended target … every time. Call us today at (321) 397-0777 to find out more.

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