Finish Tax Season in Fine Fashion

Tax SeasonTax season is almost over, so be sure you finish strong. The opportunities are certainly there for you. To illustrate our point, we give you two eye-opening statistics. First, research done by the Internal Revenue Service indicates that 40% of people expecting an income tax refund allocate these funds for either housing or transportation – and about half of those will spend their entire refund within a week! Second, a 2015 study done by eBay Motors showed that, out of 2,200 individuals surveyed, more than a third of those expecting a refund plan to spend at least some of it on something transportation-related. They could use if for a down payment on a new car; a down payment for a used car; a down payment for a lease; or even coming to the dealership for parts, service or maintenance on their current vehicles. Additionally, during the period between February and April, potential customers have the ability to make larger down payments on vehicles than at any other time during the years.

Tax Season Isn’t Over Yet

Because we’re already in mid-March, the time is running out – but it hasn’t passed you by just yet. The chance is still there to make the most of tax season! In order to do that, you need to make sure your dealership is top-of-mind with everyone in your community who may be in the market for a car; and also keep your current customers so happy they wouldn’t consider going anyplace else. The second part of that is entirely up to you, but JKR Automotive Advertising can be a huge help when it comes to establishing your store as #1 in the hearts and minds of those in your market.

FREE Advertising Review

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