Team Kia of El Cajon Signs with JKR Advertising

Team KiaTeam Kia of El Cajon, one of Southern California’s most successful automobile dealers, has signed with JKR Advertising. The agreement puts JKR Automotive Advertising into yet another Top-25 media market nationwide, and we at JKR are thrilled to have them as one of the newest members of our client family.

Located at 541 North Johnson Avenue in El Cajon, Team Kia recently won the prestigious President’s Club award. Only 30 of the country’s nearly 800 Kia retailers received this honorable distinction, given by Kia to top performers whose dealerships delivered exceptional customer satisfaction and a top-notch sales performance last year.

About Team Kia of El Cajon

Team Kia of El Cajon is part of the Kiefer family of dealerships, which has stores in California, Oregon and Idaho. JKR Partner Richard Brauns, who also handles the other Kiefer dealership clients, is in charge of the new account.

“During my discussions with Team Kia’s General Manager Chris George, we went over how push and pull marketing works,” Brauns said. “Even the largest companies in the world choose intrusive media to promote their products and services. Team Kia already has the right car people in place at their dealership to move the needle; they wouldn’t have the President’s Award if they didn’t. We are going to provide an ultra-high level of media services. Together, that combination will achieve success – just as it has with the other Kiefer dealerships we serve.”

About JKR Advertising

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