Reasons Advertising on Television Gives Auto Dealers a Boost

television∙ Despite the inroads made through the use of today’s technology, research still shows that television makes up the largest portion of a person’s leisure-time activity.


∙ Almost every American household (98%) has at least one television set.


∙ Based on the shows in which you choose to advertise, you can to a great degree control the target audience you’d like to reach (age, gender, income level, location and so on).


∙ Television advertisements get more of the consumer’s senses into play using its combination of sight, sound and motion. Scientific research has shown that a repeated message using both sound and visual effects is the most effective way to ensure an advertisement’s message is absorbed – and remembered.


∙ Even more scientific data in support of TV shows that it is “the most persuasive and exciting” way for consumers to, well, consume advertisements … and the place they prefer to (and are most likely to) learn about new products and services.


∙ When auto dealers advertise on television, they are seen by the community as more credible and have a more positive reputation among their potential customers.


∙ Television advertising works behind the scenes, too, driving interested parties to the dealership Website.


These are all wonderful reasons an automobile dealer should advertise on television – but this is only half the battle when it comes to getting maximum results. A dealer also needs the assistance of talented media professionals who know how to purchase the right amount of ads – at the right times – at prices lower than those currently being paid in a dealer’s particular market. They must also demand accountability from the stations purchased.


Note: We understand that TV advertising is not necessarily for every one of our clients. This is why we look closely at each client’s current situation (and their future goals) and formulate a completely customized plan that makes the most sense for them – no cookie-cutter stuff here!


If you are not 100% certain you are getting all you can out of your television advertising (or any other part of your budget, for that matter), contact JKR Automotive Advertising for a free advertising review. Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to get things started.


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