The Four C’s of Radio

Content, Creative, Consistency and Constituency

Effective Radio AdvertisingAn effective radio spot must grab the listener’s attention and be repeated enough times to imprint your message.

Content is your core message; your hooks. Match your hooks to make, model, availability and demographics.

Creative varies, content is constant [remember to match your hooks all around]. A clear message consistently delivered, works perfectly for today’s buyer.

Consistency. Plan your radio flights and stick to them. People tend to listen in at the same time every day. If you’re jumping around the clock, achieving frequency will become problematic, you might extend reach, but frequency is the key.

Constituency is the demographic for your product. But always keep in mind that the lines between demographic groups are not solid and straight, but in reality are a little bent and fuzzy.

Radio is great because the theater of the mind is infinite. Consider: A deep authoritative voice; a sexy naughty voice; a cop’s bullhorn; each a different route to the same place and illustrates the difference between creative and content.