The Right Ad Can Make Them Buy Cars

The Right AdThe headline sounds obvious; of course the right ad can make them buy cars. But the next logical question is, “How do you determine the right ad?” You can tell by the way the consumer reacts to it. There are some things that happen when an advertisement is done correctly.


Components of the Right Ad

The right ad makes consumers stop what they’re doing. For the sake of this example, let’s say someone is watching Wheel of Fortune, though it could be pretty much any show that airs commercials. After a puzzle is solved and winner is congratulated, the show typically goes to commercial. To keep the viewer from checking out while your ad is on the air, it must make them stop and take notice.


The right ad makes consumers look closer. After that initial stoppage, it must be interesting enough for the viewer to continue watching; otherwise, they’ll go to the kitchen and grab a sandwich before Wheel returns from the commercial break. When advertising is left to those who can’t grasp how make these potential customers take a closer look, slumping sales often occur. Why? These days, there really isn’t much advertising that’s truly new and innovative, and sometimes the stuff deemed “creative” is downright creepy, offensive or poorly produced. Without the proper direction, any number of negative things can happen.


The right ad makes consumers listen. Maybe it’s a great offer. It could even be a catchy jingle. But ultimately, they have to know it’s from your dealership. Even if the product is presented well, if the consumer doesn’t remember it can be obtained at your store, you’re not getting the full effect.


The right ad makes consumers react. If they’re in the market for a car, your ad might be just the push they need to come to your dealership. If they’re not – but they enjoyed your ad for whatever reason – they’ll subconsciously remember it later on when they do need a vehicle.


Here’s the bottom line: there really is a science automotive advertising. If you want to do it correctly and still get the most bang for your buck, you must understand there’s a lot more to producing the right ad than just writing a few seconds of copy, mixing it with music and/or pictures, and purchasing some advertising time. It takes skilled automotive agency personnel to handle all aspects of your dealership’s marketing. Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 and discover the path to maximum marketing effectiveness.


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