The Secret for More Traffic Isn’t Your Smartphone

Remember everyone saying we’d reached peak car sales? Remember how that turned out to be false? Yeah, well, now they’re saying radio is dead, and digital is king.


They’re wrong about that, too.


The Secret


Here’s what advertising agencies don’t want you to know: Radio rules. Unquestionably, undeniably, radio and television reach more people than any other media, including smartphones. That’s right – the smartphones you see everywhere in almost every hand? They’re not nearly as effective at reaching your target demographic as timeless, proven media.


Nielsen, the go-to source for all media matters, reports, “Each week, more Americans tune to AM/FM radio than any other platform.”


And what about television? Well, Business Insider explains that radio is “about reach – when it comes to actual usage, American adults still spend way more time watching TV than anything else.”


That’s why a radio-television ad strategy is the one-two punch you need to knock out the competition.


Intrusive Media Works


So why do ad agencies tell you otherwise? Because it’s easier to sell you a digital magic bullet than put together a compelling ad campaign that reaches your target demographic. And it’s easier to get dealers excited by hits on their websites. But hits don’t generate themselves. Potential buyers need to hear about you before they search for you. And radio and television create that awareness.


If you want your dealership to be top-of-mind for potential customers, you have to be out there – on radio and television. Intenders need to hear your message, and they need to hear it often. They need to hear it on their morning commutes, on their lunch breaks, and see it on the pre-game television commercials. Every time they hear your name and your message, they’re that much more likely to choose your dealership when looking for a new car.


JKR will help you put together a marketing campaign that makes intenders take notice and competitors start to sweat. We’ll get you a media package at a significantly better rate than you can get on your own – or even with another agency. And we’ll help you pay for it by getting you all the co-op dollars you’ve earned.


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