What Happens When the Truth isn’t Enough?

The TruthSometimes, the truth hurts. Allow us to explain. You might have the best cars on the planet. You might have the best sales staff. You could even have the best service or finance departments. Maybe your dealership facility is the biggest, most attractive building in your city. But even if you have all those things, it doesn’t guarantee success.

In all of the above instances, just telling the truth in your advertising won’t do an effective enough job of bringing customer traffic to your doorstep or Website. Why? Because there are 20 other dealerships in your market saying the same thing – whether or not it’s really true. When this happens, your dealership doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd.

So here’s what we are telling you: Quite often, all by itself, the truth is not sufficient. This can be a frustrating realization for a car dealer.

What to Do with the Truth

Some respond by “stretching the truth” to sell their cars and services. That’s where things can get dicey for a dealer, and we never, never, never recommend this under any circumstances! Rather than abandoning the truth, you just accompany it with persuasive hooks and copy that make people want to come to your store and buy your products and services from you.

We recall the scene from A Few Good Men where Tom Cruise is mercilessly grilling Jack Nicholson during their memorable verbal courtroom battle. When Cruise shouts, “I want the truth!” it’s Nicholson who delivers the epic line, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Can you handle the truth? Better yet, do you really know what to do with it, so it is part of the equation that helps you sell cars? Legendary marketing guru Roy H. Williams was right on the money with his famous quote: “The truth we are told we may not accept; the truth we have realized is the only truth we own.” Let JKR help you deal with the truth better than you ever have before … and you’ll reap the rewards in the form of increased sales, foot traffic and Website visits. Best of all, we achieve fast results for our clients, who then wonder how they ever got along without us. That’s why we have 120 clients and counting, and it’s why we are an automotive advertising giant. Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to get things started.

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