The Three Ways to Increase Your Sales

Three WaysThere are three ways to increase your bottom line. It doesn’t matter if you sell cars, groceries or kitchen appliances, these three precepts still apply. Obviously, how one accomplishes these steps might be a little different for a car dealer than, say, a grocer or appliance salesman; but at their core, the general premise is the same for each of them. Read what they are and you’ll be surprised at their simplicity … and you’ll also likely realize that for a car dealer, an automotive advertising agency is a very wise investment.


First, get more customers. New customers bring you income you didn’t have before. Makes sense, right? To bring this to fruition, you need to engage people who weren’t previously planning on stopping at your dealership to purchase a vehicle. That can only be done with an advertising campaign that makes people take notice, and entices them to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do.


Second, increase the average amount your customers spend at your dealership. While much of this one falls upon the dealer and his staff (upselling, great service, urging customers to come back for service, etc.), a wise automotive agency can help here, too. How? By sending the dealership better customers. Here’s what we mean: when a customer comes in wanting the exact offer they’ve seen or heard in an advertisement, you can bet this is a good deal for the dealership or they wouldn’t advertise it in the first place! As a result, the profit margin is higher for the dealership.


Third, increase the frequency of your customers’ purchases. This is a little more difficult for the automotive industry than others simply because of the higher price points, but it can still be done. Once again, strategic advertising is the key. An offer customers can’t refuse makes them come back to you sooner than they might have otherwise done. Think about how it would increase your bottom line if your repeat customers began buying cars from you a year or two sooner than they used to – and if they kept doing that over an extended period of time.


So there you have it; the three ways to increase sales, and not coincidentally, how an agency like JKR Automotive Advertising can help you achieve success in each one. If you’re ready to turbocharge your dealership’s sales and foot traffic, give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777.


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