Some Big Reasons to Advertise

advertiseWhat are some of the main reasons to advertise if you’re a car dealer? Some are blatantly obvious, while others are a little less so. Today’s blog focuses on some of the reasons a car dealership should not ignore advertising (or even cut back on it in an attempt to “save money”).


∙ Your advertising touches people in every part of the buying process – sometimes, even when they’re not car shopping yet. Most people don’t decide they need a car today and buy one tomorrow. It’s a process that typically takes many weeks. So each time these folks hear your message, it’s fresh and new in their minds.


∙ Your advertising attracts new buyers. The people in your community change on a daily basis. People move in and out of the area. Others pass away or become too old to drive, but they’re replaced by young people getting their first cars. Maybe someone even got a big raise at work and can now suddenly afford a new or pre-owned vehicle. Changes like these – and others – create the need for constant advertising.


∙ Your advertising keeps your store top-of-mind with the people in your community. With the advancements in technology – and simply because people are different than they used to be – there isn’t always the customer loyalty once enjoyed by businesses like auto dealerships. Advertising helps recruit new customers; and it also helps keep old ones coming back to you.


∙ Your advertising helps you keep up with the Joneses (and surpass them if you do it right). If you’re not advertising, you’re going to lose out to the dealerships that do.


FREE Advertising Review

In a nutshell, this is the biggest of the reasons to advertise: advertising brings more foot traffic to your dealership – and therefore, more sales. How would you like to find out if your marketing dollars are being spent efficiently? Contact JKR Automotive Advertising, and we’ll send you a no-strings-attached, FREE Advertising Review. We’ll closely examine what you (and your competition) are doing, and then provide you with our expert feedback. Call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 today to get things started.


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