Too Much Information in Your Ads is a Bad Idea

Too Much InformationWhen an automobile dealer includes too much information in his/her radio and television advertising, they make a big mistake. We understand it’s only natural that they want to tell everyone about every single benefit customers will find at their store … but even if you have the best dealership in town with a whole lot to crow about, limiting your advertisements to a couple different topics will pay off much more handsomely than an ad chock full of things.


Too much information in an advertisement only leaves your audience confused, which ends up making them check out of it before it’s even over with! Realize that you have only a scant 15, 30 or 60 seconds to make your point(s), present an offer or two and close your ad professionally; and even less time than that if there are corporate co-op stipulations to which you must adhere. So even if this theory may seem counterintuitive at first, it makes perfect sense.


So remember, it’s OK if you don’t accentuate all the positives of your dealership in one advertisement. After all, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to do so over the course of the coming months! And if you focus on the positives and do it the right way, the consumers in your market will come see for themselves just how great your dealership really is!


Are Your Ads Full of Too Much Information?

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