Top Automobile Ads for 2014 Released by Ad Age

Top Automobile AdsAdvertising Age recently released its list of the top automobile ads for 2014. These come from the 2015 second-annual Automobile Advertising of the Year competition, which was held at the North American International Auto Show. The contest is a celebration of creative automotive advertising excellence. This year’s winners were largely from outside the United States.

Taking the top prize for Internet advertising was “Epic Split” for Volvo trucks, featuring action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme. This blogger had never seen this kind of top automobile ads until now. My first reaction? Ouch! I could not hope to do anything like that on my best day; but I digress.

Ads for Audi (“Scripted Life), Hyundai (Dad’s Sixth Sense) and Toyota (for their Australian Hilux pickup trucks) won prizes in the broadcast TV category; while Honda’s “The Other Side” received the interactive award. Volkswagen’s powerful “Eyes on the Road” presentation about the dangers of texting and driving took the experiential category top prize.

The only US-based company taking home any hardware was Jeep, whose “Upside Down” series captured the print advertisement honor.

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