JKR Advertising is Top Pandora Agency for Local Auto Dealers

Top Pandora Agency
Josh Mustachi, Pandora Regional Sales Manager

JKR Automotive Advertising has become the top Pandora agency in advertising volume for local automotive dealerships across the country. The combination of specifically targeted advertising and rising popularity of Pandora-dominated digital radio make it an exceptionally effective advertising tool for JKR’s clients who buy Pandora.

“Because we have every listener’s demographic information, we can offer an auto dealer a guaranteed, specific audience,” said Josh Mustachi, Regional Sales Manager for Pandora. “No matter what age, gender or location, Pandora has the unique ability to give you a guaranteed audience with zero waste. Because JKR understands this – and knows how to buy our services in a way that best benefits their clients – their dealers see unbelievable results, and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership with JKR.”

JKR Managing Partner Jeff Johnson is one of his agency’s numerous Pandora advocates. “If a car dealer isn’t advertising on Pandora, he is missing out on a tremendous opportunity,” he said. “Pandora’s advertising is targeted and precise, and best of all it is also verifiable. Their Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation allows our media buyers to evaluate Pandora on the same level playing field with analog radio stations, and we can know with certainty that the numbers are valid. And when you see the numbers, you can’t argue with them.”

Pandora is the largest digital radio company in the world. It currently holds a 68-percent share of the digital radio industry, making it larger than all its competitors combined.

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