Traditional and Internet Advertising are the Perfect Tandem

Traditional and Internet AdvertisingTraditional Advertising and Internet advertising can be a wonderful combination. Radio and TV automotive advertisements are proven over many decades to help auto dealers sell cars; no one can dispute that. The increased sales and foot traffic a dealer gets as a direct result of their efforts have a profoundly positive effect on a dealership’s bottom line.


But when you combine the traditional (radio and TV) advertising with Internet advertising, something magical happens that you might not even realize. While you can tangibly see when a customer walks into your showroom, you cannot see the ones who clicked on your Website as a direct result of a radio or television ad – dealership traffic of a different kind!


Think about it: When someone watches a television show or listens to a radio program, you can be sure they’ll eventually see or hear advertisements. When these commercial breaks happen and there is a specific ad – yours – that piques their curiosity, they will go to their computer or mobile device to check out your Website in order to get more information.


Better still, when you advertise across multiple platforms, it helps customers recall the information they’ve consumed (think: your message). A Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) study showed that radio ads and Internet together resulted in a more than five times greater recall ability than the Internet advertising alone.


So while you may be advertising on radio or TV mainly for the purpose of raising awareness for your store, there is another wonderful thing at work for you: You’re coaxing people to go to your Website in a big way.


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If you’d like to find out more about how Traditional and Internet Advertising work together, give Eric Tigner a call at (321) 397-0777. He’ll give you all the details on how this can help you dominate your market – and give a huge boost to your Internet presence, too.


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