Having Trust Issues with Your Ad Agency? Read This!

trust-issuesQuite frequently, we hear automobile dealers who aren’t JKR clients say they are having trust issues with their advertising agency – and apparently, this is quite widespread. A 2014 study published in AdWeek showed that more than half of all marketing executives believe their agencies are more interested in “selling” them their work rather than solving their problems. This is just sad to hear, especially when we know trust issues don’t have to happen between agency and client – and it’s never the case with JKR’s clients!


Today’s advertising world offers some advantages to ensure that the relationship between automotive advertising agency and client is the way it should be – a strategic partnership; one in which trust issues are absent and harmony is prevalent.


Technology exits that, if properly utilized, allows for complete advertising agency transparency, so the client never needs to wonder if they’re getting ample bang for their buck. What kind of technology? The agency should be able to provide documentation explaining what is transpiring with their client – and also their entire media market. The agency should be able to supply reports supporting every decision they make on the client’s behalf. Today, it’s even possible to tell if radio and television stations performed as contracted (or better) at month’s end; and if they didn’t, they should be held accountable.


JKR = No Trust Issues

This kind of transparency effectively eliminates any trust issues that could arise between client and agency. JKR offers all these services and a lot more (and we’ve spared no expense to have them), but many agencies simply cannot say the same. Because we have systems in place that positively affect a dealership’s sales and profitability, we have more than 100 clients in more than 80 markets. Due to our proactive approach, JKR makes sure its clients don’t have to make knee-jerk reactions in response to every peak and valley that might come along. As a result, the aforementioned strategic partnership between client and agency is formed, a long-range plan is set, and tweaks are made whenever necessary along the way.


Only a trustworthy automotive advertising agency like JKR Advertising & Marketing can capably handle all aspects of your dealership’s marketing from A to Z. Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 and learn how to get things started down the path to maximum effectiveness.


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