Study: Print, TV, Radio & Direct Mail Most Trustworthy

trustworthyWhat form of media do consumers view as being the most trustworthy? According to a recent study conducted by MarketingSherpa, the answer might surprise you. But if you’re like us at JKR, you won’t be taken aback at all by the findings, which show that “traditional” means of advertising such as print, television and radio are considered the most trustworthy consumer ads. (Note: MarketingSherpa is a Florida-based company that provides practical case studies, research and training for marketers, tracking what works – and what doesn’t work – in all aspects of marketing.)

Which is Most Trustworthy?

Ready for some of the stats? The study found that 82% trusted print ads, while 80% of TV ads, 76% of direct mail pieces and 71% of radio ads were deemed trustworthy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, digital pop-ups managed a meager 25%, mobile ads came in at just 39%, Facebook ads mustered only a 43% positive rating and search engine ads fared slightly better at 61%.


Could consumer skepticism be caused by all the headlines about data hacks and inaccurate news stories? Things such as these are, in all likelihood, chipping away at consumer confidence in non-traditional advertising.


Additionally, traditional media – especially radio and TV – affords dealers the chance to add a human element to their advertising, something that is difficult to do in a digital format. Often, that’s what makes the difference when a consumer selects a dealership from which they’ll purchase their next car.


When large numbers of customers want to do business with your store simply because they consider you more trustworthy than the dealer down the street, you’ll know you have done something special. Call us today at (321) 397-0777 and learn how to navigate the path of maximum effectiveness – and all the while, you will be earning the trust of the people in your market.


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