TV Advertising Affects Internet Advertising

TV Advertising Affects Internet AdvertisingTV advertising affects Internet advertising in a much more positive way than one might think at first glance. While many auto dealers use TV advertising simply for the reach and frequency gained by the advertisements themselves, these TV ads are actually helping out in other ways dealers might not think about. Today, we’re focusing on how TV helps boost a dealer’s Internet presence.

Automotive dealers love to advertise on TV because they know it has the most emotional impact upon their customers. After all, it involves all senses except smell … and this powerful combination makes for the highest level of recall among all forms of media.

How TV Advertising Affects Internet Advertising

What are some of the ways TV advertising affects Internet advertising? Quite often a potential customer might see one of your TV ads, get interested in your dealership, and want to find out more. Where is today’s car shopper going to go first? You guessed it … the Internet – either via their computer or their trusty mobile device!

Sometimes, it can even be an almost instant response. Remember, there are people who are surfing the Internet while they’re watching television. If you pique the interest of someone like this, they’ll visit your Web site while they’re sitting there “multitasking.”

Think about how heavily today’s major Internet brands advertise on television. You know who they are … largely because you’ve seen their ads countless times! A recent study by the Cablevision Advertising Bureau (using Nielsen Ad Views data) shows that there is a direct and profound link between these companies’ TV advertising spending and higher Web site traffic.

So while you’re advertising on TV to let the general public know about your products and services, also keep in mind that, by doing so, you’ll also be bumping up your Internet traffic numbers in a major way.

TV Advertising Can Be Affordable

You should also know that TV advertising isn’t as expensive as you might think. We invite you to give JKR Automotive Advertising a call today at (321) 397-0777. We’ll give you all the details on how you can dominate your market through the use of TV advertising – in an extremely cost-effective manner.

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