TV Advertising Does More than Meets the Eye

TV Advertising Does MoreFor auto dealers, TV Advertising does more than you might initially think. Besides increasing foot traffic and having a positive effect on a dealership’s bottom line, there are also some not-so-obvious benefits.


In addition to the foot traffic mentioned above, local TV Advertising also increases Internet traffic to your dealership’s Website. How can we say this? Because many of today’s TV viewers are multitasking.


How TV Advertising Does More

For example, let’s say a prospective customer is at home watching television. It could be the Olympics … the evening news … an old rerun of The Andy Griffith Show … or even their favorite NFL team on a Sunday afternoon. While they are watching their program of choice, there’s also the distinct possibility they’re also using their computers, iPads or smart phones at the same time.


Because each of these shows has commercial breaks, when these folks see an advertisement that piques their interest, what do you think they’re going to do? You guessed it … go to that company’s Website. Even if they don’t do it right away, there’s still a chance they will at some point. In support of this point, Deloitte recently published their “State of Media Democracy” report that showed TV advertising was the best way to drive these potential customers to the Internet – finishing ahead of all other sources of media.


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