TV Automotive Advertising Works. Ask Our Clients.

TV Automotive Advertising WorksTV Automotive Advertising works wonders because it gives car dealers the opportunity to quickly get their message out to large groups of people. Dealers enjoy seeing their commercials on television, knowing that they pack a big punch by saturating their market in the most effective way possible.



Nielsen Research shows that 98% of all American households have at least one television set – and most have more than one. There can be no dispute that Americans love TV!


TV automotive advertising works so well because it’s a tremendous blend of sight, sound and motion; and studies have shown it’s highly effective in terms of viewer recall. Memory and learning studies show that a repeated message containing both sound and visual effects is the very best way to ensure your message is remembered by the audience. Thus, it comes as no surprise that TV advertisements were voted the “most persuasive and exciting.” In addition, TV was also chosen as the place consumers prefer to (and are most likely to) learn about new products and services.


Television gives advertisers a great deal of control over the target audience they wish to reach (age, gender, location, income level, etc.), based on the shows that fit into the media buying strategy.


Dealers using TV advertising as part of their marketing strategy see positive results because their ads increase an audience’s trust in a dealership. Their store is seen as more credible simply by their appearance on TV.


While it’s true that the cost is a bit higher than most other forms of media, many smaller dealerships with limited budgets can (and do) have very successful TV campaigns. A winning idea and strong offer, combined with a clear message and persuasive call to action, can help any auto dealership get surprisingly cost-effective results.


But the advertisement itself is only part of the overall TV advertising story. Equally as important is the presence of talented media buying professionals who know how to purchase the right amount of ads at the right times based on the dealer’s budget. They must understand reach and frequency; get the best rates possible; and demand accountability and performance from the stations purchased.


It is easier than you think to get your dealership on the TV airwaves. To help you get started, JKR Advertising is offering a FREE Advertising Report that will enable you to find out if you’re advertising budget is being used to the fullest. Call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 today, and he’ll give you all the details.


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