Reasons Automotive TV Advertising Rules the Day

TVViewers Remember TV Ads: Studies have shown that the combination of color, sight and sound TV offers is the best way to ensure that a dealership’s message is received – and remembered.


The Possibilities are Limitless: Automotive TV advertising allows advertisers to create ads that could not be produced in any other form of media.


TV is Everywhere: Nielsen recently published an article saying that 98 percent of American households have at least one television set – and most have more than one.


It Reaches the Most People: Not only is this true, but it reaches the masses in the quickest way possible. That’s two great advantages in one!


People Love TV: Americans spend more time with television than any other type of media. Research shows that viewers watch television for nearly 2,000 minutes – or more than 32 hours – per week.


TV is Most Effective: When people talk about how they learned of a certain product or service, more often than not the reply is “via television”. Automotive TV advertising is persuasive and exciting, and it’s the best way to demonstrate the benefits of a dealership and its products.


TV Gives a Dealership Credibility: When potential customers view a dealership’s advertisement on TV, the store is instantly seen as more credible and legitimate simply by being seen on television.


The Results are Measurable: Thanks to Nielsen, TV viewership can be effectively tracked. In addition, the demographic information of the viewing audience can also be obtained – a huge advantage for future use!


TV is Still Most Formidable

Despite the technological inroads of recent years, TV is still the unquestioned pacesetter of all automotive advertisements. It touches the most people in the shortest amount of time. A skilled advertising agency like JKR Advertising & Marketing ensures a dealership’s ads are seen by the right audience.


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