What Does a Typical Customer Want? A Problem Solver!

A typical customer shopping at your dealership for a new or pre-owned vehicle is there to solve what they deem to be a real or perceived transportation “problem” in their minds. What is this problem? It’s their need for a different vehicle than they currently have, of course.


While this seems obvious as you read this on paper, it’s sad to say that, quite often, dealership salespeople don’t approach their customers with the mindset of problem solver.


The best way to be a problem solver (no matter what department in which a person works) is being a good listener. By being patient, asking the right questions and taking cues from the customer based on what they tell you, it doesn’t take very long to figure out their “hierarchy of needs” … meaning what they’re looking for and what is most important to them.


Add in some product knowledge and transparency and you’ll quickly gain the trust of your customers – and they will leave satisfied. What do we mean by transparency? Being honest and forthright … and helping them make the best decision for them.  


If your typical customer leaves your dealership happy with the car they bought, the deal they received and the professionalism of the staff, why wouldn’t they want to come back – and tell all their friends and loved ones how well they were treated? In short, when you help someone get into a newer and more reliable vehicle while meeting their needs and their budget, you are doing them a big service – and you will have solved their problem.


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