What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

WUnique Selling Propositionhat’s your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? For that matter, what is a USP? In the world of automotive advertising, it’s an acronym for Unique Selling Proposition. It’s something that defines your dealership’s unique position in the marketplace; something that differentiates your dealership from any other dealership in your geographical area.

There are a lot of prospective auto buyers in your community at any given time. Chances are, many of them are unsure of what they should do and where they should shop. They also understand that this is going to be a monumental decision in their lives, so finding a dealership that earns their trust will make them feel good about their purchase.

If a prospective customer is unfamiliar with you – or you just sort of get lost in the shuffle with all the other dealerships in your area – there is no reason to think a customer will walk into your showroom or visit your Web site.

Unique Selling Proposition Benefits

But if you have a well-established Unique Selling Proposition, these prospective customers will be easily able to determine what your dealership offers that the other guys don’t (or can’t) offer their customers.

So how do you determine your dealership’s Unique Selling Proposition (or maybe you even have more than one)? Asking yourself the following questions is a good start:

What can your products and services provide to a buyer that others’ products can’t? What makes you the preeminent dealership in your community from which to buy a car, truck or SUV? What are some of the hot-button issues that motivate car shoppers in your area to buy cars – and what does your dealership excel in to satisfy these needs?

If you are still unclear of a Unique Selling Proposition, it’s time to enlist the services of JKR Automotive Advertising. We’ll help you find a clear identity, allowing you to stand out amidst a sea of dealers in your area, and giving you a USP you’ll be proud to tell everyone about! Get the ball rolling today by calling Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777. By doing so, you’ll also receive a free advertising report filled with a ton of marketing information that will give you a small sample of our capabilities.

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