Win the Popular Vote in Your Market

Did you remember that a major election year is just around the corner … and you’ll be casting your vote? As you are well aware, the media hype continues to build all the way up until Election Day – the time when important decisions are made. It’s the time when those who ran successful campaigns secured wins and look forward to better days ahead. It’s also the time when those who ran unsuccessful campaigns are left to wonder what might have been.


As an automobile dealer, every day is a sort of Election Day for you. The way you run your campaign – specifically, your advertising campaign – goes a long way toward whether someone purchases a car from you or the dealership down the street.


If you want people to buy your cars, they’ll first have to buy into your message.

What is that message? It is, simply, your unique selling proposition, or USP. It’s what sets you apart from the other dealers in your area. Your F&I department might be the best in the state. If that’s the case, you need to let folks know that you can get them in a car even if they don’t have the best credit score. Or, you might be best known for service after the sale. If so, potential buyers need to hear about it.


Whatever your message is, intenders need to hear it, and they need to hear it often.


JKR: The Expert Campaign Manager

It takes a very specialized set of skills to first, determine your USP; second, frame it into something consumers will respond to; and third, deliver it to the people in your area with enough frequency to make your message memorable.


It’s hard enough to run a dealership. You have to greet customers, overcome objections, handle financing, and provide service after the sale. You also have to keep the lights on and pay your employees. When are you supposed to find time to actually advertise on top of all of that? How are you going to get your message out there?


Just like every aspiring political candidate, you need a campaign manager, too. You need someone with the knowledge and experience to make you the logical choice for potential car buyers. You need someone to clarify your message and get it to the widest target audience possible – over and over again.


JKR advertising can manage your ad campaign better than anyone in the business. Why? Because we have more combined experience than any other auto-retail advertising agency. We specialize in helping dealers grow beyond their natural market share. You want to win at more than your fair share of “election days”? Jump onboard with someone who’s already done it!


Pro Tips for Turbulent Times

This is part one of a multi-part series on how the election affects your business. And it does affect your business in ways you couldn’t foresee. In future posts, we’ll talk about buying air time during campaign season, about on-point messaging, and avoiding the pitfalls associated with advertising in a challenging season.


We’ll give you the information you need to make informed decisions. And isn’t that what elections are all about?


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