Want More Business?

If you want more business for your company – no matter what you’re selling – there are three basic ways to make this happen. The way an automobile dealer goes about accomplishing these steps will be different from a business owner selling smaller-ticket items, but the general premise remains the same.


The first – and perhaps most obvious one – is finding new customers for your dealership. Specifically, this means people who have never purchased from you before. How do you do this? By creating awareness … which is most easily done with a smart advertising campaign that lets people know you’re there – and you have an offer that is too good to pass up.


You can also get more business by increasing the average amount your customers spend while at your dealership. A good portion of this one is done in-house (think: upselling, turning your sales customers into service customers, etc.), but once again, advertising comes into play here. If customers come to your dealership asking for the very offer they heard or saw in your ads, you will ensure a profitable sale.


The third way to obtain more business is by decreasing the amount of time in between your customers’ purchases. While this is a little more challenging for an automobile dealer than most other business owners, it can still be done effectively – again, using clever, strategic advertising. Stop and imagine what it would mean to your coffers if you could begin enticing customers to come back to you a year or two sooner than they’d initially planned – and kept on doing that repeatedly for years to come.

JKR = More Business

There’s no doubt that a capable automotive advertising agency is key to bringing more business to an automobile dealership. If you are ready to kick your sales and foot traffic into high gear, give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777. He’ll give you all the details on how you can get more business – quickly; it’s not unheard of for our new clients to see significant upticks in less than two weeks.


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