At JKR, We Post Every Month for Many Reasons

We Post Every MonthAt JKR Automotive Advertising, we post every month. Your first reaction, if you don’t know about posting reports, might be “big deal.” Actually, you’d be absolutely correct, because it is a big deal! They are similar to audits for radio and TV stations, to ensure each of our clients received what they ordered. Not every automotive advertising agency posts, but we understand the value of such a service.

Why We Post Every Month

Here’s why we post every month: If we didn’t, we would just have to take the stations’ word that they ran everything as ordered. Many times, this simply isn’t the case. As a result, holding the stations accountable for their performance (or lack thereof) can save our clients a great deal of money over the course of time.

It works like this: After all the client invoices are in our computer system, we use the industry-leading Nielsen software for radio and TV to check what actually ran against what our client purchased. If there is a discrepancy, the station is expected to do a make-good the following month.

For the sake of example, let’s say that over the course of a month, 75 afternoon drive-time spots were purchased from a particular station. During the posting report, it’s discovered that they only ran 70 of them at the proper time, and the other five were run during overnight time slots. While the correct number of spots were aired, you can still see how the station was short-changed.

Without that posting report, the station could go back to the client and say, “We ran 75 spots just as we were supposed to,” and it would look completely legit. It’s only through a posting report that this discrepancy would be found. After all, you can just about bet the station wouldn’t bring it to anyone’s attention!

Another Great Posting Benefit

The benefits of posting reports don’t stop there. Another advantage is the tracking of listenership (radio) and viewership (TV). Media buys are executed using compiled information from countrywide surveys. These books are used to verify the promised audiences are there to view and/or listen to the purchased ads. If the listenership/viewership actually turns out to be significantly lower than promised projection, the station must make adjustments accordingly.

Free Automotive Advertising Review

If you’ve never heard of a posting report prior to today, it’s probably because no one wants you to know about them. But they do exist … and for all the above reasons we post every month here at JKR. If your agency doesn’t do posting reports, ask them why they don’t!

If you’d like to find out more about them – and how they ensure accountability from contracted radio and TV stations, give us a call today at (321) 397-0777 and ask for Eric Tigner. We’ll even throw in a completely free review of your current advertising efforts, no strings attached.

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