What Your Customers Want in a New Car

What Your Customers WantDo you know what your customers want in a new vehicle? A recent Forbes article detailed AutoPacific’s research on this very topic. While safety features are moving up the list, it’s still the simple comfort items that win the day.

Here’s What Your Customers Want

Power Driver’s Seat: 79%

Heated Front Seats: 70%

Active Blind-Spot Detection System: 65%

Easy-to-Clean Seat & Floor Materials: 64%

USB Ports: 64%

Built-In Navigation System: 61%

Heated Windshield (auto fog prevention): 60%

Power Front Passenger Seat: 60%

Backup Collision Intervention/Auto Stop: 59%

Leather Seats: 58%

Side Mirror Turn Signals: 58%

Hidden Storage for Computer/Purse: 58%

Voice-Activated Controls (phone, audio, climate): 56%

Bluetooth Streaming Audio: 56%

Push-button Ignition: 55%


It is interesting to note that, while driver assist features are increasing in popularity, today’s motorists are still struggling with the idea of a 100% self-driving car (the “autonomous driving” option garnered only 11% of the vote).


While this list may change slightly depending upon the part of the country in which you reside, this is a pretty good snapshot of what today’s automotive shopper is looking for in a new vehicle.


As your sales team serves its customers it wouldn’t hurt for them to know this list well … however, there is no substitute for asking questions and being a good listener. That is always the best way to determine what a customer wants!


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