Why Frequency is Important in Automotive Advertising

Why Frequency is ImportantDo you know why frequency is important in automotive advertising? On the surface, this may sound like a simple question … and to some degree, it is. But the fact is, you can’t just run an advertisement a time or two and expect record numbers of people to come and beat down the doors at your dealership. The following analogy will help you understand why frequency is important.

Anyone who has kids, grandchildren or even younger siblings can understand this well. When you are around a child every day, you don’t notice the fact that they are growing and maturing on a daily basis. But every now and again something will make you notice … and you will look at them and think to yourself, Wow, that child is really growing!

This is very similar to the way advertising works. The effect of reaching out to your market’s consumers one or two times is very minimal, but if you continue to market to them, it makes an enormous difference. Over time, the prospective customer begins to know and recognize your dealership – often without even making a conscious decision to do so.

What does that mean to the bottom line of a car dealership?

Here’s Why Frequency is Important

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you are the only dealer in town, or that you are the only dealership that has magnificent automobiles worthy of the general public’s consideration. When you take a good, hard, realistic look at your market, there is something that is undeniable: advertising is very often the one thing that tips the scales in your favor when all other things are equal between a vehicle at your dealership and another at a competitor’s store down the road.

As you may know, frequency is only part of a correct media buy. Also important is reach – as in, how many people you reach with your message. Each part of this equation is of vital importance. If you would like to know JKR’s winning reach and frequency formula that has proven so successful for more than 100 dealerships nationwide, call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777.

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