Why JKR Places Such an Emphasis on Creativity

CreativityCreativity is an important part of JKR’s advertisements, and there is a definite method to our madness! We are not one of those agencies that tries to produce award-winning commercials that don’t really succeed in selling anything. JKR knows that in order to produce a compelling, creative automotive advertisement, a few important things must be remembered.


Some Rules for Creativity

The first one is very basic: Don’t forget why you are producing an advertisement in the first place. In other words, don’t get so caught up in being creative and memorable that you don’t place enough emphasis on the product, service or message you’re pitching.


Second, the commercial’s creativity must be a natural fit with the rest of the spot. If it seems forced, it leaves the customer with a “what-just-happened?” feeling. In addition, the creative portion should not dominate the commercial time-wise; after all, you have lots of information about your product to squeeze into a very finite amount of time.


Finally, here is a more “hidden” reason we believe so strongly in producing advertisements that include a high level of creativity. If someone is actively in the market for a car, they will pay attention to the ad … creative or not. But if they are not actively in the market at the time they view or listen to your ad, you can begin persuading them – so they’ll come to you when they are. This is absolutely true; studies have shown that people can be influenced by subjects currently of little to no interest to them. But here’s the thing: getting them to pay attention to your ad when they’re not in the market to buy requires something besides a great offer to get their attention and hold it … and that’s precisely where the creativity comes into play!


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