Why You Should Win the Heart of the Customer

Win the HeartRenowned advertising expert Roy H. Williams often uses the phrase, Win the Heart and the Mind Will Follow. It’s no wonder Mr. Williams has been so successful; this is absolutely true, and something we always remember anytime we produce our creative offerings at JKR Automotive Advertising.

How to Ensure You Win the Heart

Too many advertisers make the mistake of attempting to speak to the mind of the consumer. We’re not saying this strategy doesn’t ever work, but with a big-ticket item like a car it’s much more important that you speak to the customer’s heart. Why? Because they must be left with a good feeling about your dealership and its products!


In advertising, it’s really easy to get caught up in trying to speak to the mind. After all, it’s instinctual for a car dealer to want to go down a big checklist of attributes about his dealership. But this is not the way to go for a couple reasons. First, as we’ve established, you need to win the heart; and second, if you try to include a big, long laundry list of checkpoints in your commercials, it won’t be remembered by anyone. The best advertisements make one or two points – and that’s all.


In its simplest terms, Win the Heart and the Mind Will Follow essentially means that anything the heart believes, the mind is able to justify. In other words, it is the heart that ultimately chooses the “truth.”


Armed with this knowledge, what would you as a car dealer say to win the heart of a prospective customer … and how would you say it? If you do not have a clear and precise answer to that question, it’s time for you to retain the services of JKR Automotive Advertising. We invite you to call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to begin the easy process of getting your advertising campaigns pointed in the right direction.


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