Today, Women Buyers Call the Shots More Often than Men

Women BuyersThe role of women buyers has changed over the years. To some degree, there is still a stereotype that women buyers sit back and let their husbands negotiate the final price – as was typically the case years ago. Today, however, much has changed, and there are statistics to back it up!

The folks at have recently released some eye-opening data. Their study found that in today’s automobile shopping environment, women buyers are more likely to engage in price negotiation – and even enjoy it. They say that more than 33 percent of women say haggling over price “makes it a fun process” compared to just 25.1 percent of men. 

Women Buyers Have Learned to Negotiate

To take this even further, 22.7 percent of men say they have learned to negotiate, but don’t find it to be an enjoyable experience … while only 17.5 percent of women found the haggling process unsavory.

So what are men really looking for when they shop for cars? According to the data, getting at least $2,000 off the MSRP is the biggest win for them; in fact, more than 80% of them said this was most important to them versus just 63.8 percent of women buyers. At the end of the transaction, more men have a positive feeling about the end result if there was a significant amount of money deducted during the negotiation process.

Also of note is that 22.4 percent of women buyers say they focus on the monthly payment, while just under nine percent of men use this as their focus.

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