Don’t Underestimate the Power of Words

WordsSince the days of the first advertisement, the choice of words used (spoken, print, on-screen or otherwise) has made a huge difference in the level of success of the ad. Why? Well, famed ad man Roy H. Williams may have said it best in his book, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads: “Words are electric; they should be chosen for the emotional voltage they carry. Weak and predictable words cause grand ideas to appear so dull that they fade into the darkness of oblivion. But powerful words in unusual combinations brightly illuminate the mind.” We can even go all the way back to 1839 for Edward George Bulwer-Lytton’s famous quote, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”


The Right Words for a Car Ad

During any advertisement, a car dealer has a very finite amount of time (or advertising space) to make an impact upon the receiving audience. And while JKR is known for the next-level creativity in its ads, the end result isn’t to produce the most amusing car commercials on the market. Instead, we never take our eyes off the ultimate goal, which is to help our clients sell cars. Record numbers of them!


Some of our clients like creativity in their commercials, while others like a more serious approach. Either way, we understand that the right choice of copy has the power to elevate an automotive dealership to never-before-seen success. Knowing our clients and their media markets plays a big part in keeping them happy, but it all starts with the right words.


If you need increased traffic at your dealership, you need JKR Automotive Advertising. If you’re already a successful dealer, think about what it would be like with an even bigger piece of your market share. As an automotive-only advertising agency, JKR makes its clients easy to remember… and difficult to ignore. Call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 today for a free, no-strings-attached automotive advertising and marketing review, and find out what we can do for your dealership!


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