Why Clients Say Yes to JKR Advertising

Yes to JKRWhy do so many auto dealers say yes to JKR Automotive Advertising? There are a lot of reasons … and some of them include our experience, our people and, of course, the amazing results our clients achieve after retaining us as their agency. While these are all certainly important factors, many of our newest clients tell us they appreciated the fact that that we did our homework prior to ever meeting them. Over time, they also realize we never stop!


Regardless of size or market, potential clients come to us with many questions. JKR has the ability to give you the answers based not only on experience, but also scientific data we compile that takes away much of the guesswork. And when you are armed with this valuable information, it makes all the difference in the world in terms of your dealership’s advertising success.


After all, if you are not advertising in the right places (with the right reach and frequency), you can say for certain that you’re wasting at least some percentage of your ad dollars; and it could be a large enough number that if you knew it, you might lose some sleep!


Here’s the bottom line: Automotive dealers say yes to JKR because we help them make the correct decisions. Using the latest and greatest software, JKR’s media buyers can determine how your dealership should best divide up its advertising budget. When you know who your audience is and when they are most likely to pay attention to your message, your odds of effectiveness naturally go up – a lot.


Better still, our media buyers understand how to get our clients the best advertising rates in their market – and each month, JKR’s Posting Reports ensure accountability (in other words, these reports ensure our clients received what they paid for).


Why You Should Say Yes to JKR

If you’d like a small sample of what we’re capable of – at no charge or obligation to you, call us and ask for your Market Share and Performance Profile. It is a customized, in-depth study of your local market and its dealerships. Filled with the latest data, it is an accurate, numerically based, scientific evaluation of your dealership’s Share of Voice and Market Share. This report will show you:


∙ Inside information on your top competitors


∙ Which media gets the most response in your market


∙ How to discover untapped business in your area


∙ Where you should be advertising, and why


Reports of this complexity typically have a large price tag attached, but JKR is offering this one to you free of charge and without obligation (other than keeping it confidential). It’s the first step toward saying yes to JKR – and a whole new outlook for your dealership! To see what’s out there for you, contact Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777; or etigner@jkrads.com.


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