Don’t Underestimate the Value of Your Brand

Your BrandYour business is only as good as your brand. Regardless of its size, every company — automotive dealerships included – needs a brand, because it goes a long way toward establishing the way your community views you.


To be clear, in the case of a car dealership, branding goes well beyond the makes and models of vehicles you sell. As you brand your dealership, you want to be able to make a connection with your prospective customers placing you first in their minds. When you’ve done this, you have succeeded.


Your Brand = Your Reputation

How does this happen? It’s a process that occurs over time. There are a few important, necessary steps to keep in mind as you begin to establish your brand in the marketplace.


Know Who You Are: Be able to clearly articulate your plan. Who do you want to be? What makes your dealership better than the competition? Why would someone benefit from buying your cars and services?


Have a Specific Plan: Once you’ve figured out who you are, it’s time to let everyone know about it. Pick the right media channels through which you want to advertise, and make sure you have the proper reach and frequency to ensure effectiveness. Presenting your message often, to the right people at the right times, is the quickest way to establish your brand.


Be Consistent: Whatever media channels you decide to employ in your advertising strategy, make sure that it delivers the same message across all platforms.


Don’t be a “Me Too” Dealership: Don’t caught in the trap of advertising just like everyone else, or you will never differentiate your dealership from the competition. How can you convey the fact that there are exciting things going on at your store when you look and sound the same as the guy down the street?


Be Proactive: By anticipating any potential obstacles that may arise before they happen, you’ll be much more equipped to beat them if/when they actually do occur.


Free Advertising Review

If you need assistance, JKR Automotive Advertising can help you find a clear identity, allowing you to stand out amidst a sea of dealers in your area! Get the ball rolling today by calling Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777. When you do, you’ll also receive a free advertising report filled with eye-opening information that will give you just a small sample of our capabilities.


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